MCV Nordic launches

Leigh Harris
MCV Nordic launches

This week, Intent Media has officially launched MCV Nordic, its second MCV territory expansion following the success of MCV Pacific.

MCV Nordic aims to be a trusted news source for all segments of the videogame sector in the Nordic regions: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finald and Iceland.

MCV Nordic's editor is Mats Nylund, and the team has already hit the ground running with in-depth content on the Nordic region, as well as Facebook and Twitter presence out the gate.

Stuart Dinsey, Managing Director of Intent Media, said: "MCV Nordic follows the success of MCV Pacific and the appiontment of a US editor for the main MCV site. Further international launches are on the way. It's an exciting time for the global MCV brand."

Anyone already registered with MCV Pacific (or MCV UK) can opt to receive the MCV Nordic newsletter simply by logging in and checking the appropriate box in your profile. If you're already registered with MCV UK and are not receiving the MCV Pacific newsletter, you can opt in for Australian / New Zealand news in the same way.

For the full story, check out MCV UK.


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