Maude Garrett departs for LA

Leigh Harris
Maude Garrett departs for LA

The Hot Hits in LA will be hosted by Maude Garrett moving forward, as she excitedly moves on to take on the new role.

Maude was one of the MCV Pacific 30 Under 30 last year, and is going to keep on reviewing games both for The Hot Hits and for Geek Bomb from her new location.

Maude told MCV:

After spending 3.5 years involved in the Australian games industry, it seems it's my time to say so long, farewell. I'm off to LA to live my dream hosting the Hot Hits, and yes, they're letting me continue game reviews/news! The good news is that it'll be aired all around Aus on Sunday 2-5! The sad news is that I'll miss the friends I've made.

One thing I said to Rae when I created Geek Bomb was "...And one day we'll go global". That day has come, as I'll continue running Geek Bomb from LA, attending events and making videos. I've introduced the Bomb Squad to keep the Australian market enticed with unique content & videos, encouraging everyone to 'Unleash their Inner Geek!' Already I've got accreditation for E3 & Comic Con, so this year is already going to be HUGE! 

I'd like to take this time to personally thank Joel Graham from WBIE who really helped me get a leg up all those years ago, and to Ben McKelvey who's not only acted as my mentor, but one of my closest friends.


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