MacGuffin's Curse gets release date

Leigh Harris
MacGuffin's Curse gets release date

Indie werewolf puzzler MacGuffin's Curse from Melbourne-based developer Brawsome has been dated at 19th April this year.

The game is 'pretty much ready to go' on PC and Mac after over a year in development from the two-man team, with the remaining time being dedicated to polishing the game for the iPhone and iPad simultaneous releases.

MacGuffin's Curse sees players take control of the eponymous hero in both human and werewolf forms, manipulating the abilities of both to navigate a series of unique levels of a security-heavy city in full lockdown mode, seeking a way to life his curse and return his life to normal.

Brawsome was previously responsible for old-school point-and-click PC adventure game Jolly Rover.


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