Lucy O'Brien heading to IGN

Leigh Harris
Lucy O'Brien heading to IGN

The former editor of PSM3 magazine and writer for NZ Gamer Lucy O'Brien is set to re-join the games journalist community.

O'brien is leaving her role as Creative Services and Product Manager at One to Another, the agency responsible for marketing and publicising Bethesda Game Studios' titles in Australia. She will be heading back to the games journalist side of the fence, taking on a new role writing for IGN Australia, joining Cam Shea, Luke Reilly and Tristan Ogilvie.

O'Brien said: "It’s been an incredible experience working with the team at One To Another, and under the management of Simon Alty, I’ve never felt more supported professionally. They’re a terrific company and I have no doubt they’ll all be running the world in a few years, with their trademark intelligence and flair."

"But I’m thrilled to move into this new chapter of my life with the crew at IGN, and get back to the editorial side of the coin. There are some exciting times ahead, for sure."

Cam Shea, IGN Australia Senior Editor, added: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be bringing Lucy onto the editorial team at IGN Australia. Lucy will be writing across both games and film, as well as heading up our community efforts."

"Not only is she one of the best writers in the industry, with buckets of experience, but her skill set is incredibly broad, and - to top it all off - she's beloved by all. Seriously - find me someone who doesn't like Lucy and I'll show you someone with no soul."

Simon Alty, MD of One to Another, said: "We like to keep our own profile set firmly to low, however at the risk of this sounding more like an obituary than a farewell, Lucy leaving must prove the exception. I have to say that, just like the rest of the O2A 'class of 2011', Lucy came to stand for the very best of our company. Creative, challenging, a great writer, smart, funny, a mate and a bloody nice person."

"We are sad to see Lucy leave us but we know she will go on to become a dominant force in the media and entertainment landscape. Replacing her has been a challenge, which we like, in fact if anyone thinks they can fill those talented boots they should drop me a line quickly as we are very excited about the news we will share soon in this regard."

O'Brien's last day at One to Another will be Friday 27th April.


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