Local devs talk iPhone 5

Leigh Harris
Local devs talk iPhone 5

With recent supposed images surfacing and an alleged street date in September, MCV talks to local devs about the new iPhone 5.

The device, which appears slimmer than its predecessor, has had some worried that Apple might be about to unleash a new connector for the device.

"I don't see the point of a new connector," says Ben Britten Smith, Technical Director for Tin Man Games. "The iPod Touch is half the as thin as an iPhone 4 and uses the current connector, so I don't see why Apple would need to make a smaller one."

While any such connector is merely speculative at this point, a new screen ratio is another potential worry with the new handset.

"Personally, I'd be quite surprised if they introduced a new screen ratio," says Simon Joslin, Creative Director at The Voxel Agents. "I'm expecting a different resolution, but with the same 2:3 ratio."

"We already account for multiple resolutions since we target Android as well as iPhone," adds Morgan Jaffit, Director of Defiant Development. "As a result, it should be straightforward to prepare our titles for a new screen. Hopefully it's physically larger as we love the 4 inch phones for playing Heroes Call."

"With a new 'tall-phone', 16:9 aspect ratio is good for one thing and one thing only: watching movies," muses Britten. "For everything else it is crap. I hate using my Galaxy Tab for surfing because in portrait everything is too narrow and in landscape it is too short."

"Changing the aspect of the phone means that every single app would need to be updated, and it would make the user experience worse. I think the tall-phone rumour is just like the teardrop iPhone 5 rumour from last year: not going to happen."

Joslin, on the other hand, doesn't think a new ratio would cause too many issues. "We updated our games to adapt to multiple screen ratios two years ago with the introduction of the iPad," he says, "and since then have dealt with endless screen ratios on Android, so a third ratio on iOS would be fine. The new titles we're working on are very flexible as our tools and processes have matured, so we're ready and excited for new hardware!"


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