Krome announces new Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game

Leigh Harris
Krome announces new Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game

In an out of the blue announcement, a new Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game has come from Krome, which folklore had it was no more.

While true that Krome did massively downsize and was therefore considered one of the 'casualties' of the Triple A crunch Australia has undergone in recent years, it remained in much humbler straits than before, and ostensibly joined the ranks of the countless smaller indie studios dotting the country.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was one of Krome's biggest wholly-owned IPs, and has re-emerged as a 2D platformer for Windows 8 tablets and PCs.

"We’re excited about the continuation of TY’s adventures", said Robert Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Krome. "TY The Tasmanian Tiger is a great jumping off point for new players introducing them to the colorful environments and characters of TY’s world Down Under."

The new game looks slick, and you can check out the launch trailer for it below:



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