Kotaku comes out swinging about Autodesk pricing

Leigh Harris
Kotaku comes out swinging about Autodesk pricing

Developers in Australia would be all too familiar with the costly process of getting into Autodesk products.

Mark Serrels over at Kotaku has levelled a serious complaint at the company, noting that the US pricing of its products is some 50-60% of the pricing over here.

Add to that region-specific licenses and the net result is that the Australian game development scene (as it goes through a huge state of flux and sorely needs support in the short term) is forced to pay AUD$6000 per license for software which is a vital component of doing any 3D modelling or animation for current-gen consoles or on most contemporary licensed engines.

Serrels was told that the pricing is set by local resellers, but Autodesk reseller Digistor placed the blame squarely on Autodesk.

Check out the full story on Kotaku here.


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