Josh Cavaleri outlines our broken classification system

Leigh Harris
Josh Cavaleri outlines our broken classification system

Writing over at ABC Tech, Josh Cavaleri from TressCox and the IGEA has today opined extensively on the problems in Australian classification.

Beginning by outlining the current method of games being classified in Australia, Cavaleri then points to the extreme number of titles being released via digital distribution methods, and argues that the current board of 8 people couldn't possibly classify them all, even if the board were much larger.

The decentralisation of the game distribution methods and inability for the Classification Operations Branch to tackle the quantity of games being presented there means that digital distributors have used their own age rating systems (the Apple App Store for example).

This, Cavaleri argues, undermines the existing classification scheme, and furthermore the hassle of having to deal with the Australian Classification scheme when there are perfectly good systems for age ratings on existing digital devices has resulted in some 63 games not ever being released here.

Check out the ABC Tech article for Cavaleri's full thoughts on what we can do to fix classification.


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