Lisy Kane and Josh Caratelli named as semi-finalists in Victorian Young Achievers Awards

Joel Van Daal
Lisy Kane and Josh Caratelli named as semi-finalists in Victorian Young Achievers Awards

The the two rising stars have been selected as  semi-finalist's for the Bartercard Online Achievement Award.

Kane, who was recently named in Forbes' 30 Under 30 Games, and Caratelli, who shot to fame by winning the Year 9-12 Group Advanced category and the PwC People's Choice Award at inaugural Australian STEM Video Game Challenge alongside Liam McLachlan with their title, Smog Game, have been selected as semi finalists for the Victorian Young Achievers Awards.

Their category, the Bartercard Online Achievement Award, seeks to recognise a Victorian young achiever who demonstrates not only success in this space, but conveys the character traits important to the industry – creativity, innovation, agility and has a keen interest in information technology.

Speaking with MCV Pacific, Kane said, "I'm really excited to be a semi-finalist for the Victorian Young Achiever Awards because it's great to see videogame developers getting more and more visibility in this area. We're all doing amazing things so I'm happy to represent alongside Josh Caratelli!"

Caratelli added, "I'm very excited and honoured to have the work I do within the game development industry recognized by the Victorian Young Achiever Awards this year, and its great to see Lisy as a semi finalist along side me."

Caratelli continued, "Five years ago I set upon what I once thought was a pipe dream. In the intervening years, under the guidance and support of my mentors, work colleagues, family and friends I'm achieving that dream of contributing to the industry in a positive manner."

"I'm proud to say that from the titles I create with my amazing colleagues at Big Ant Studios, the community events I run on behalf of Epic Games and especially with STEM projects I've helped create or contribute to, diversity has always been a big focus of mine."

"Kind people made my dreams a reality, all because I felt part of a larger family. So please reach out, pay it forward, be actively inclusive and reap the benefits of having so many more voices and friends to bounce wacky game ideas off and share experiences with. We'll all be better for it"

The finalists for Victoria are still yet to be announced ahead of the Awards Gala Presentation Dinner on May 26.
Fellow developer, Kim Allom was recently named as a finalist in the Queensland Young Achiever awards in the same category.



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