Job boom over at Gameloft New Zealand

Leigh Harris
Job boom over at Gameloft New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald is reporting a hiring boom at Gameloft's New Zealand studio, based in Parnell.

The studio is apparently hiring some 20 new employees at the moment, following the success of its last three titles My Little Pony, My Littlest Pet Shop and Wonder Zoo. 

While My Little Pony warranted some controversy when it came out that the free to play model would see players having to grind for years to escape paying to reach the end of the game, the studio has, regardless, turned out titles which have led to its current growth.

Studio Director Patrick Wagner told the NZ Herald: "Those three games collectively brought in the same revenue in the space of three weeks as the studio made during the entire previous year," citing 2012 sales as being in the millions.



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