Jetpack Nation lands on 7Mate

David Wildgoose
Jetpack Nation lands on 7Mate

Australian commercial free-to-air TV gets its first regular games show next month as Jetpack Nation moves from Fuel TV to 7Mate.

Jetpack Nation will run for half an hour every Thursday from November 7 over an initial nine-week season and promises a "look at the best from the world of video gaming."

Host Ben Mckelvey says the Jetpack Nation team has spent much of the year travelling around the world to source content. In addition to E3 and the Tokyo Game Show they attended the Barclay Asia Tournament in Hong Kong for FIFA, a Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer event in LA, the World of Tanks Asian Masters finals in Singapore, EB Expo in Sydney and PAX in Melbourne.

Mckelvey says theye've also picked up a couple of interesting pieces outside of places where you'd expect. 

"I was working on a piece about returned vets in Canada two weeks ago, and met a former US soldier who lost a leg during an IED and rocket attack in Fallujah," he says. "While recuperating, he started playing WoW, met a girl on one of the Valentines Day quests- long story short, they're now married. He says gaming has been "one of the most positive forces in his life after the incident," and I can't wait for that piece to air on the show.

Joining Mckelvey on the show is Richie Young, the pair renewing the working relationship that began on GameArena's 'The Benny & Richie Show'. Mckelvey says Jetpack Nation continues their tradition of presenting games as inclusive, varied, and above all a hell of a lot of fun.

"One thing I think is to the show's credit is that on screen, all the people involved with the show- our people, game developers, cosplayers, EPL and NBA stars, soldiers, racing drivers, actors, musicians, executives...whomever- they all seem to feel like they all seems to come from the same tribe," Mckelvey continues. "We are, and they are gamers. We're very happy to be Seven's place for them and us."




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