Jason Imms to take over Game Hugs as Guy 'Yug' Blomberg steps down

Joel Van Daal
Jason Imms to take over Game Hugs as Guy 'Yug' Blomberg steps down

The freelance games and tech journalist will take the reins of the industry pod cast.

Following his appointment as Global PAX Content Director, Game Hugs creator, Guy 'Yug' Blomberg has announced he is stepping away from the program.

Veteran games journalist, Jason Imms, will take over the podcast from next week, with Blomberg set to be his first guest. Hopefully they can clear up the uncertainty around who's idea the podcast was.

Blomberg said, "I started this podcast because I'm fascinated by the stories behind the amazing talented people that work in the games industry, and thankfully my friend Jason is just as passionate and interested in hearing about them too. Truth be told, Jason always claimed I stole his idea anyway, so it makes perfect sense that he would take over the show. I couldn't be happier for starting something that's been so well received, and having someone as esteemed as Jason continuing it and making it his own."
Imms added, "I'm really excited about taking over as the host of Game Hugs! I've wanted to put together a one-on-one interview podcast for years, but before I could get the idea out of my brain and into reality, Good ol' Yug came along and totally cut my grass with Game Hugs, the big jerk"

"With hindsight though, I can see this was actually the best possible outcome. What Guy has built with this podcast is a chance for interesting people in the games industry to sit down and speak frankly about their careers, and we need that right now. We need young hopefuls to see how paths into the industry actually work, and what the Australian industry looks like in reality. We need to remind each other that sometimes working in games is incredible, and sometimes it seems impossible. We need to challenge each other, inspire each other, and be vulnerable with one another, and I think a one-on-one conversation podcast is a great way to do that, as Yug has proven. I can't wait to get started!"

In addition to Guy, other upcoming guests include; Lisy Kane, Ken Wong, Matt Ditton, John Kane and Chris Wright.

MCV Pacific will continue to support the podcast and publish them here, as they air.


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