IV Motion and Penny Skateboards launches Penny Time for iOS

Leigh Harris
IV Motion and Penny Skateboards launches Penny Time for iOS

A Brisbane-based indie developer has today released a new iOS title called Penny Time, which boasts arcade gameplay and a killer soundtrack.

The game is an arcade title centred around reflexes, as the highly stylised skaters make their way ever-faster through a broad range of environments and the player must ollie, hippie or slide as the tension builds up.

Working in the ability in (what IV Motion calls) a 'post-retro world' to freeze time, the game also boasts a solid soundtrack from chiptunes DJ hunz.

The partnership between IV Motion and Penny Skateboards is a move to help push both brands, Penny Skateboards being responsible for the original plastic skateboard, the iOS game being an extension of its reputation for putting the fun back into skating.

Penny Time is available today on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for AUD$0.99, as well as a free 'lite' version and the game's official soundtrack. The first DLC is planned for 24th May.

You can check out the trailer for Penny Time here.


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