IT PRICING INQUIRY: Games 84% more expensive in Australia

Leigh Harris
IT PRICING INQUIRY: Games 84% more expensive in Australia

Delving a little further into the Parliamentary IT Pricing Inquiry, some interesting stats and figures about the cost of games emerge.

It should come as little surprise to the more savvy Australian consumer, but the average price of games in Australia is 84% higher than overseas, while the median price is 61% higher.

Early last year, MCV conducted its own similar survey of the price of day one blockbuster games, finding that from 2011 to 2012 the average price had dropped 8%.

NPD Group further noted that in 2012, average game prices fell year-on-year more than they had in any single year since 2004, incidentally the last time we were reaching the tail end of a console generation.

Indeed, retailers have already begun to simultaneously avail themselves of grey imported stock (as JB HiFi did when it started advertising such stock publicly), while at the same time encouraging 'event' style launches and Special Editions to keep demand up for pre-orders and day one purchases.

GameTraders even went so far as to go on record saying it wouldn't exist at all without grey imports.

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft were all called before the IT Inquiry, while Kotaku launched a scathing article at Autodesk for its local pricing structures.

The New Zealand government confirmed last year that it had no plans to launch a similar Inquiry, but would be paying close attention to the results of the Australian one.




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