INFOGRAPHIC: How the face of ANZ gamers is changing

Leigh Harris
INFOGRAPHIC: How the face of ANZ gamers is changing

The Digital Australia and New Zealand Report 2012 has been crafted into an informative infographic outlining its core findings.

The report was conducted by Bond University, based on data provided by NPD Group, and commissioned by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA), and outlines key changes to the Australian and New Zealand demographic. Some key findings include:


  • 73% of gamers are over 18
  • 47% of gamers are female
  • 41% prefer to buy their games from a store in a new box, while 23% will download it from an online store and 14% will buy a new item from an online store
  • 69% of gamers enjoy playing with others

The infographic below, as well as in landscape format over on the MCV Pacific Facebook page.


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