INFOGRAPHIC: Australia's Facebook social gamers defined

Leigh Harris
INFOGRAPHIC: Australia's Facebook social gamers defined

There are 3.57 million Facebook social gamers in Australia. 67% of them are women.

Spiral Media has completed its analysis of the social gamers throughout Australia, and has presented it via the beautiful medium of infographic.

The gaming habits of these people differ vastly from the core audience the industry primarily responds to, so it's worth digging a little deeper into how people play who aren't familiar with the high street retailers.

The majority of these gamers are older than 25 and married. Almost 70% of them play every day and importantly, most of them prefer user-initiated advertising.

Spiral Media is an agency which aims to link brands with the best social entertainment destinations. It provides passages between brands and audiences and conducts research into social marketplaces.

Thanks to Spiral for the below infographic:


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