IN PHOTOTS: Ubisoft raises over $5000 for charity

Leigh Harris
IN PHOTOTS: Ubisoft raises over $5000 for charity

By selling copies of the 10-of-a-kind Special Edition of Assassin's Creed through eBay, Ubisoft Australia has raised over $5000.

All proceeds have gone to the Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick, and the team at Ubisoft visited the Starlight Room as a Christmas surprise for the kids with a Rabbid costume (pictured) in tow.

Only 8 out of the 10 Special Editions were sold to raise money for charity, but Ubisoft has yet to announce what is to be done with the remaining two.

Adam Check, Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation CEO, said: “I would like to thank Ubisoft Entertainment for their generous donation of more than $5000 to help the ill and injured children treated at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick."

"It is only with the generosity from the community the Foundation can purchase the latest life-saving medical equipment, assist in training medical staff and fund vital research programs so we can provide our kids with the highest level of care they urgently need."


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