IN PHOTOS: SimCity's hotbox event

Leigh Harris
IN PHOTOS: SimCity's hotbox event

The SimCity event which took place yesterday was a well-selected and understated launch execution.

Were you able to be at Customs House in Sydney's Circular Quay yesterday, you'd be treated to a dozen gamers in a transparent, aquarium-like box, furiously competing in one of the most serene games in history.

After a 6 hour session, the winning duo would be treated to a night out in Sydney, but perhaps most importantly it was able to present an arguably un-eventable game in a way which was thematically appropriate and still enjoyable.

EA threw a huge clock above the box to add to the pressure, and took the crews out of the box once per hour on the hour to play with some building blocks, the idea being that the best bridge design would earn the team an additional 30'000 to their population.

The event was presented with IGN and Red Bull as partners.

Check out a small gallery below:


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