IN PHOTOS: Samsung QLED TV Launch Event

Matthew  Waterworth
IN PHOTOS: Samsung QLED TV Launch Event

Last night saw the launch of Samsung's new QLED Smart TV range, which boasts a number of handy features for gamers.

The new Samsung QLED TV range boasts a number of interesting features. Ranging from the DCI-P3colour space accurately, and in a world first, Samsung’s QLED TVs are certified capable of reproducing 100% colour volume, to a peak luminance as high as 2,000 nits for the Q9 model, and 1,500 nits for the Q8 and Q7 models.

What's most interesting for gamers, will be the way the QLED syncs with other devices. Using the One Remote system, any device linked to the QLED TV, such as a PC or a home console, will be treated like an app. This means you no longer need to search through HDMI channels to find the right devices, as the device will already be listed as an app.

The other key feature of the QLED TV is that it has an inbuilt Steam Link device. The Steam Link devices allows you to wirelessly stream games from your gaming PC directly to your QLED TV and play them on the comfort of your lounge through Steam's Big Picture interface.

Pricing for the new QLED range starts at $4,499 for the 55-inch Q7 model, all the way up to $39,999 for the Q9 88-inch model. For some pictures from the launch event, check out the gallery down below.


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