IN PHOTOS: Halo 4 welcomes the EBX in style

Leigh Harris
IN PHOTOS: Halo 4 welcomes the EBX in style

Partnering with V and IGN, Microsoft threw an opening night party for Halo 4 at the MCA, then had a piece of theatre on this morning.

The emergence of Master Chief (pictured) at the EBX was the waking of the first consumer day of the show, with a smoke show seeing him come out of Cryo-sleep for fans at 8am.

The previous night, Microsoft and IGN held a Black Beta event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, on the ground floor with a view of the Sydney Opera House, in a simultaneously crowded and enthusiastic setting with room enough for people to drink, enjoy themselves and usher in the show..

Special guests for the event included Josh Holmes, Creative Director on Halo 4 at 343 Studios, Tom Green, Australian Actor and star of Forward Until Dawn, and Lincoln Lewis.


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