IN PHOTOS: Dining with DICE

Leigh Harris
IN PHOTOS: Dining with DICE

EA went all-out on a creative event to engage people with DICE and meet the developers who are in town for the EB EXPO.

Taking place down at the EXPO hall in front of the Battlefield 4 stand, the event saw a fancy five course degustation meal based around the key features of the upcoming game.

There was Frostbite 3, Levolution, Commander Mode, Battlelog and All-out Warfare available to community attendees, media and retail, as well as a giant ice sculpture of the impromptu 'Dine with DICE' logo.

Effort was made to give people a thorough behind the scenes look at the game, as well as giving them an informal opportunity to meet and greet Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director of Battlefield 4.

Check out photos of the event below:

Photos were taken by ThreeTwoOne photography.


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