IMAGES: New PS4 interface changes things up

Leigh Harris
IMAGES: New PS4 interface changes things up

Sony has sent out images of the new Playstation 4 interface, revealing yet more of the console (or at least its insides).

There's plenty to like, as the new appearance seems to borrow quite heavily from browsers which put content first, rather than focusing on a rigid navigation tool which will end up with a startling number of menus.

The cross-media bar has served the PS3 well in its years, but with stunning automatically-generated examples like Flipboard for iPad proving quite popular, Sony has clearly decided to go for a more personalised approach.

It'll take hands-on time with the new system after having given the Playstation 4 a whole bunch of your data to see if the experience will really pay off, but for now, check out images of the new interface in action below:


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