iiNet wins out in piracy lawsuit saga

Leigh Harris
iiNet wins out in piracy lawsuit saga

Since 2008, iiNet has been in court defending itself against Hollywood, who accused it of failing to police its users for piracy.

Today, Justice Dennis Cowdroy read out the finding that iiNet had done nothing wrong, and was not responsible for the infringement of its users.

Sydney Morning Herald's footage shows the interviews in the aftermath, wherein the plaintiffs cunningly avoid the question of why they chose a smaller target like iiNet (instead of say Telstra) while litigating for a precedent they could then use in future court cases.

Still, Justice Cowdroy found that iiNet should not be held responsible for the downloading habits of its users, stating that iiNet had done nothing other than provide internet access to its users. The defining characteristic of iiNet as a service fails to be readily identifiable as one which is intended to provide or encourage illegal downloading, and as such has been found no more culpable than any other telco in its dealings.

The case has been in court since November 2008, and the humble ISP has been up against the likes of Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Village Roadshow and Warner Bros.


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