IGN Australia lands the world's first GTA V Hands-on

Leigh Harris
IGN Australia lands the world's first GTA V Hands-on

"The next generation starts when Rockstar says so" begins the world's first hands-on of GTA V with Luke Reilly from IGN Australia.

I suppose it now makes sense why IGN globally was conspicuously absent from the latest round of hands-off demos, as this is one hell of a traffic driver and a huge feather in IGN's collective cap. There are also German and French hands-on previews hitting at the same time, but IGN has locked down the English-speaking exclusive.

Reilly begins by documenting a few minutes driving into Los Santos itself, giving the world its first description from a non-Rockstar staffer as to the new vehicle handling, the way the HUD and weapon selection works, and the sensation of being a tourist in a new town.

As to be expected, Reilly dwells on countless experiences throughout his extensive, four-page preview that are unique to only him, citing Hollywood-style moments and an "amount of work that’s gone into elements many gamers may not even notice" that he admits is astonishing.

Every mission in GTA V is now replayable, as with The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Reilly noted the fact that you needn't complete each mission to perfection as before, allowing ideally for many more players to be able to enjoy the structured side of the game than in previous iterations.

Check out the full hands-on preview here.


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