Home Affairs Minister states why the govt supports R18

Leigh Harris
Home Affairs Minister states why the govt supports R18

Brendan O'Connor has written an article for The Punch outlining the reasons why the AU government should support an R18+ rating.

The article goes into some depth as to why the Minister for Home Affairs and Justice has been such a supporter of aligning videogames with films at the classification level.

O'Connor cited a literature review he'd conducted last week in which he couldn't find any proof of a link between violent videogames and violent behaviour, a similar conclusion to the US Supreme Court recently.

On a personal level, O'Connor draws a comparison between the Friday the 13th films and violent videogames, pointing out that there are simply some pieces of content in both mediums which aren't for everyone, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to go on sale at all.

He made the obvious and oft-repeated point that games on sale here for 15 year-olds are mostly limited to 18 year-olds elsewhere in the world, as well as citing numerous survey after survey of the public on the matter before stating: "The jury is in."

O'Connor concluded: "The question is now one for State and Territory Classification Ministers, who will meet in Canberra on Friday."


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