Haymarket MD on the Atomic / PC Authority merger

Leigh Harris
Haymarket MD on the Atomic / PC Authority merger

Alongside the news that Atomic and PC Authority magazines will be merging in 2013, Haymarket Media MD Jeremy Vaughan explains the decision:

PC & Tech Authority magazine will be boosted by over 16 pages to accommodate the increase in PC component reviews and gaming content," he said. "We believe this delivers a truly comprehensive brand, whatever its audiences’ computing interests.

The market has moved from a pure ‘numbers are everything’ model to a targeted, quality audience one. Brands which have multiple touch points via print, online, events and social media are very much part of this mix.

We will continue to engage our readers and users on all platforms, while delivering content that allows them to steer through the maze of new technology.

As part of this investment program for the brand every print subscriber from January will receive a digital edition as part of their package, on their choice of iPad or Android.

This is an important part of our reader offering, delivering 360-degree access to the brand. There will also be extras on the DVD, such as video how-tos and gaming content, from the January issue.

It’s time for us to step up and deliver more to our readers, and this merger proves we are here for the long term.


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