Harvey Norman to compete with OzGameShop

Leigh Harris
Harvey Norman to compete with OzGameShop

Kotaku is reporting that Gerry Harvey has announced Harvey Norman Direct Import, a service for importing cheap games from overseas.

This move will see the mega department store chain competing directly with OzGameShop and PlayAsia amongst others, although some would argue that they already do.

The new HNDI web site is already alive and kicking, with the most expensive item available being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for a mere AUD$63.

The site may have been swamped with traffic, however, as it is currently alternating between being available and appearing with a 'Store Closed' message.

Australian gamers have often complained about the higher prices of games in this country, particulalry once the Australian Dollar reached parity with the United States Dollar.

While the cost of videogames here balances out significantly when compared with the income of the people who live here, cheaper options such as these are increasing in popularity.

Defensive moves from brick and mortar retail chains up to this point have focused on reward schemes, customer loyalty programs and event-based promotions which cannot be replicated in an online space.

No traditional retailer has as yet tried a move such as this (with some exceptions to get stock earlier rather than cheaper), making the move by Harvey Norman an abrupt and unknown step.


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