Halo 4 is nearly here, and Microsoft want you to know it

Leigh Harris
Halo 4 is nearly here, and Microsoft want you to know it

If you're a humble pedestrian like myself, you'll no doubt have seen the multiple Halo 4 bus ads pasted on the site of metro buses lately.

There's little doubt it'll be a huge event, and Microsoft told MCV that the Australian price drop has been timed specifically to take advantage of the expected spike in console sales around the flagship launch.

Jeremy Hinton, Group Category Manager of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, told MCV: "Every time we launch a new Halo, we see a direct correlation with a spike in hardware sales. We wanted to get out ahead of that a little bit and make sure that people know that by the time Halo comes around, it’s also a great time to buy a console because it’s never been cheaper."

"Pre-orders are ridiculously ahead of where we expected them to be, even with our really lofty expectations."

"And that’s (on our platform) the only piece of software we’ve ever seen truly drive console sales in line with a software launch."

It's an aggressive move on Microsoft's part, placing them as the cheapest console in Australia (for now) and a confident retort to Sony's recent new model and price-reduction one-two punch.

"We were the number one console last Christmas," Hinton continued. "This price move for us is really productive, because we want to be that again this Christmas."

Let the games begin.


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