Guy Maxwell leaves Mindscape

Leigh Harris
Guy Maxwell leaves Mindscape

After over a year as the marketing assistant at Mindscape, Guy Maxwell's last day will be today.

Maxwell joined in March last year and has been an active and vibrant member of the games industry since then.

Tonia Valesco, GM of Mindscape, said: "We are all really sad to see Guy go.  His passion for the industry has been really impressive along with his enthusiasm and commitment."

"I can vouch for many of us that know him that he is quite a character and his personality will be missed.  The Mindscape team wishes him lots of adventures in his travels and success in his future endeavours."

Maxwell added: "To be guided so early in my career underneath Tonia Velasco and Rebecca Tannous has been an amazingly rewarding experience. I felt like I learnt more from them in my time here at Mindscape, than throughout the entire duration of my University Degree."

"I am sad to be leaving this chapter of my life behind, as I have never worked in an industry so unified by passion. However, I am off to Europe to travel and work for the best part of a year, so hopefully upon my return to Australia, I can bring some international experience to my next Marketing position."


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