GTA V sure looks better on PS4 than PS3

David Wildgoose
GTA V sure looks better on PS4 than PS3

A comparison video of the GTA V trailers indicates a clear graphical improvement in the move from one console generation to the next.

As compiled by Eurogamer, the video suggests a significant upgrade has been applied to the game, with better texture resolution, a sharp increase in geometry, better draw distances and a greater population density.

It seems that some models have been re-worked, too, and at least a certain level anisotropic filtering implemented.

What isn’t yet known is how well the game will perform. Will its 1080p visuals be married with an improved framerate? The sub-30fps seen in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions was quite hard for some gamers to stomach.

And what sort of performance will the PC game be capable of? GTA IV on PC was infamous for the poor quality of its port, whereas subsequent releases such as Max Payne 3 fared far, far better.

Here’s the video:



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