Gran Turismo 6 confirmed with cake

Leigh Harris
Gran Turismo 6 confirmed with cake

The news that Polyphony Digital is hard at work on Gran Turismo 6 came out a little earlier than it was supposed to.

It's set for a holiday release on PS3, making it one of the last great first party exclusives to hit before Sony's focus starts to move onto PS4 (with the likes of DriveClub).

Every single car from GT5 will feature in the new game, as well as a new bunch which brings the roster of realistic and meticulously crafted motors up to 1200.

The game was announced at the Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary event held at the iconic Silverstone race course in the UK, and had a birthday cake for the series and everything.

Sony has also put out the first footage of the game, which is a combined trailer and celebration of the legacy of the king of racing franchises.

Check out the trailer below:



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