Govt taking pricing concerns seriously

Leigh Harris
Govt taking pricing concerns seriously

Minister Ed Husic spoke to Kotaku today about his concerns with videogame pricing, while a committee has been set up to investigate the matter.

Husic is responsible for the parliamentary inquiry currently underway into high IT pricing in Australia, which New Zealand is looking keenly at before deciding whether a similar move is necessary.

Husic told Kotaku: "This inquiry really gives everyone a chance to talk about this issue. My view is that the inquiry is a chance for retailers and publishers to educate the public about the reasons for the added cost. They should really seize this opportunity to talk to consumers.”

The House Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications announced today that it would be taking submissions until 6th July on local pricing concerns, and interested parties can contact the committee through its web site.

Husic added: "Retailers always have to go through periods of transition. At the moment consumers are using technology to drive this change and retail will respond to that."

The situation has only become more complex in the last fortnight, with GAME entering administration and JB HiFi selling imported games.

It will be some time before the parliamentary inquiry makes any recommendations or reaches any conclusions on the matter, so for now the situation will still have to be handled by the cooperation of publishers and the retail sector to reach a workable middle ground.


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