Going to prison is now free

Leigh Harris
Going to prison is now free

Fei Hu Interactive, a new indie studio based in Hong Kong, is seeking crowdfunding for its upcoming free-to-play social game Prisonhood.

Role-playing as a prisoner who has to make their way from 'rookie' to 'lifer', the game seeks to present prison life in a tongue-in-cheeck manner, giving players 90 tasks to complete in a social / casual style of game with cartoon style.

(If you wonder why anyone on Earth would want to go out of their way to be a prisoner, look no further than Habbo Hotel)

Fei Hu has also worked with an Adelaide-based studio on some viral apps, but Prisonhood is their primary first title, and they're making a big push on IndieGoGo to get it funded to the tune of USD$50'000.

“We were attracted to the Indiegogo platform for two reasons," said Robert Hayes, CEO of Fei Hu. "First that it is a successful international platform for sourcing funds and second it supports payment through PayPal which is widely recognized as the premier online method for secure payment."

Here's the trailer for Prisonhood: 




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