God of War not for sale in Queensland yet

Leigh Harris
God of War not for sale in Queensland yet

Kotaku has posted an image of an email from an unknown retailer to its Queensland staff.

The image is instructing employees to stop accepting pre-orders for God of War: Asccension and that it is not to go on sale as Queensland is yet to pass an R18+ rating.

Late last year, we noted that Queensland had pushed the R18+ decision to a committee which should've been due back by now.

With that decision not having yet come back, R18+ games do have to temporarily be considered not for sale in the state.

While this move is troublesome for proper advertising and marketing for the title, it's still not scheduled for release until 12th March, so chances are still good that (unless the committee delivers a surprise block to the R18+ rating) the game will release on time and unscathed.


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