Global Game Jam winners announced

Leigh Harris
Global Game Jam winners announced

The winners for the Global Game Jam were announced on Saturday, with Sydney's event held at the Powerhouse Museum.

There were winners from a broad range of categories, but some of the standout games from Australia / New Zealand include:

Planet Panic by Team Disorganised in Melbourne, which took the most innovative award, and saw players scrambling to control the last survivors on a little doomed planet as they tore about the screen in a state of chaotic confusion.

Mobius by Team Sisyphys in Sydney, which won the best overall game and took the unique recursive mechanic of having your actions from the past repeat themselves alongside you in the present, with more and more past selves building up to make your life difficult as you dodge asteroids in a top-scrolling space shooter.

Stay Tuned by David Collien and Jenna Fox, which took best audio design in Sydney and eschewed graphics entirely, making their entire game controllable via audio.

Snake Eater by Black Wolf Games was a standout title from Wollongong, taking best visuals and deservedly so, as a gorgeous take on the classic game Snake.

Dead Pixels took a very interesting quirk of modern technology, winning the audience award in Auckland and utilising the concept of dead pixels on a screen as hazards, in an old-school world where extinction is an inevitability.

The Sydney event will likely end up being quite different next year, with tireless organiser and local IGDA representative Dan Graf taking his leave to work at much-praised Australian indie-outfit Halfbrick. We wish Dan all the best.

Anyone interesting in seeing or playing more of the over 1400 games created two weekends ago from all across the world can check out the Global Game Jam page here.

Thanks to David Molloy for the photograph.


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