Gametraders goes large

Leigh Harris
Gametraders goes large

Hugely expanded Gametraders stores are set to be larger social hubs, complete with snacks, coffee, couches and more.

The increased range of activities will see Gametraders become the first retailer in Australia to attempt such a bold strategy, and will allow gatherings for enthusiasts of all sorts to take place in-store.

"For Gametraders' customers this means not only video games and a broad range of pop culture and Cosplay outfits and accessories, but is also offering in-store trading card, Warhammer and gaming tournaments, plus Anime and Cosplay events," said Mark Langford, Founder and MD of Gametraders.

The new stores will be branded 'Gametraders Live', and the first will open this Saturday 21st September in Penrith, New South Wales. Gametraders' Mildura store will soon expand to double its size and re-brand under the new label.

Langford says Gametraders has been evolving its franchise model over the last five years, but nothing quite to this extent.

This will be the first time the chain has issued a major push in a new direction since it was first opened in 2000.


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