GameSpot takes local advantage of Twitch TV / MLG deal

Leigh Harris
GameSpot takes local advantage of Twitch TV / MLG deal

CBS Interactive will now represent Twitch TV and Major League Gaming (MLG) globally, selling ad space and sponsorship.

The deal will see CBS promoting the eSports ventures alongside GameSpot AU. The local GameSpot team have been hard at work solidifying plans to utilise their channels to promote the ANZ eSports culture to its existing audience.

Randolph Ramsay, GameSpot regional site manager for ANZ, told MCV: "For the past few months, GameSpot in Australia has been reaching out to our local esports communities, and you'll see more integration with our site and the growing competitive gaming scene here."

"This weekend, for example, GameSpot AU will be showcasing the massive ACL Sydney event, and we've also officially jumped on board as an official media partner with the nation's leading fighting game event--Shadowloo Showdown. This is just the beginning, as helping build the profile of local esports is one of our key goals this year."

According to CBS, Twitch TV enjoys 220'000 unique browsers per month in Australia and New Zealand, while MLG garners 1.5 million individual streams, making this a significant push into the eSports world locally.


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