Gamespot: Aussie prices can't drop any further

Leigh Harris
Gamespot: Aussie prices can't drop any further

A while back, MCV noted that there had been an eight per cent drop in Triple A retail games prices in the last year.

With many new release titles now going for as little as AUD$79.95 out the gate, Gamespot has suggested that prices simply cannot drop any further.

Indeed, this has already happened to THQ and Sega, and Gamespot asserts that there is little room left to move without further risk of publisher closures. Infrastructure costs are cited as a key player, and the shift from satellite publisher's offices to distributors and agencies has been a long time coming.

There have been periodic instances of publishers taking titles which would normally retail at a high price and testing them on local markets at severely reduced costs (Scaler launched at only AUD$29.95 in 2004).

This strategy may have worked in the last generation, but the rising quality and price of indie games, digital download titles and the filling up of the mid-tier price range means that such a move would today only convince consumers of the lower quality of a product.

Publisher closures in Australia may not have finished their storm just yet. Time will tell.


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