Games Out This Week in ANZ...

Leigh Harris
Games Out This Week in ANZ...

It's a digital week this week, with Cloudberry Kingdoms coming from Ubisoft and PixelJunk: Monsters Ultimate HD hitting the Vita.

Cloudberry Kingdoms was first shown off by Ubisoft at its Digital Days event in Sydney earlier this year. It's a procedurally generated platformer where you use sliders to select the difficulty and it creates levels on the fly, ranging from nice and passable to Super Meat Boy difficult. It'll be hitting Steam, PS3, 360 and Wii U.

PixelJunk: Monsters Ultimate HD is a re-mastered and re-packaged Vita version of the classic tower defence game from the creators of PixelJunk: Shooter and the marvellous PixelJunk: Eden. It's colourful, atmospheric and a real challenge for anyone into the genre.


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