Games Out This Week in ANZ...

Leigh Harris
Games Out This Week in ANZ...

It's Ride to Hell: Retribution and Project X Zone leading the meager pack this week, with Scourge: Outbreak hitting XBLA.

Ride to Hell: Retribution is a third-person brawler action game where you terrorise the West Coast as a biker gang, hitting on 360 and PS3 for AUD$69.95 on Thursday 4th July.

Also out on Thursday is Project X Zone on 3DS, a cross-franchise fighter with characters from Darkstalkers, Valkyria Chronicles, Street Fighter, Tekken and more, going for AUD$59.95 or NZD$69.95.

Meanwhile, on the digital front, Scourge: Outbreak is landing on Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday 3rd July, and is a futuristic squad-based third-person shooter.


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