Games out this week in ANZ...

James Cullinane
Games out this week in ANZ...

We’re just eight days out from the summer holidays, but the games are still coming.

Tomorrow sees the release of Kylie Sing and Dance for Wii (AUD$39.95/NZD$49.95), followed by Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for PlayStation Vita (AUD$59.95/NZD$69.95).

Thursday is, of course, the heaviest-hitting day with three releases.

The Battlefield 3 Aftermath downloadable content pack finally makes it to Xbox 360 and PC users who haven’t subscribed to EA’s Battlefield Premium service.

NBA 2K13 for Wii U is an important release for sports gamers who have (or are about to receive) Nintendo’s new console. (AUD$89.95/NZD$99.95.)

Finally, For those with a New Year resolution to meet, Majesco offers Zumba Fitness Core for Kinect (AUD$49.95/NZD$59.95) and Wii (AUD$39.95/NZD$49.95).

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