Games Out This Week in ANZ...

Leigh Harris
Games Out This Week in ANZ...

It's the calm before the storm this week, with Madagascar 3 and The Sims 3 Supernatural hitting shelves and Mark of the Ninja going digital.

Madagascar 3 ties directly into the popular animals' third outing, which sees them galavanting across Europe. It will be hitting PS3 and 360 on Friday 7th September for AUD$69.95.

The latest in the ongoing Sims expansions is a slightly larger affair than the 'stuff' packs, and sees a retooling of the dollhouse franchise to include various otherworldly apparitions, and will be landing for PC on Thursday 6th September in Australia and 7th September in New Zealand for AUD$49.95 or NZD$69.95.

Finally, one ambitious indie has attempted to blend the seemingly disparate worlds of platforming and stealth-action, with Mark of the Ninja, an action game where timing and using cover of darkness is everything. Mark of the Ninja is out this week for XBLA.


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