Games Out This Week in ANZ...

Leigh Harris
Games Out This Week in ANZ...

It's safe to consider this the first post-lull week, with Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders II and New Super Mario Bros 2 all landing.

Sleeping Dogs, formerly True Crime: Hong Kong, is an action-packed and highly violent and colourful open-world game from United Front Games. It's looking like a no holds-barred open world game, packing in a strong story, martial arts, firearms and high-speed pursuits, and is arriving on Thursday 16th August on PS3 and 360 (AUD$89.95 or NZD$109.95) and PC (AUD$69.95 or NZD$89.95).

Darksiders II is the high pre-ordering title from THQ, which follows up from its successor with a new horseman of the apocalypse, Death, as your protagonist, and mixed a bright and varied universe with a traditional 3D action-platformer with huge boss battles and extensive puzzle elements. It lands on Thursday in Australia and Friday 17th August in New Zealand on PS3 and 360 (AUD$89.95 or NZD$99.95) and PC (AUD/NZD$79.95).

Meanwhile, the 3DS' champion returns, with New Super Mario Bros 2 landing on Saturday for AUD$69.95 or NZD$94.95.


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