Games Out This Week in ANZ...

Leigh Harris
Games Out This Week in ANZ...

A massive one-two punch is being landed this week, with the double-bill of Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3 hitting retail shelves.

Max Payne 3 marks the return of the third-person shooter to beat from the early naughties, and sees its eponymous antihero endure the shame of a significant fall from grace to end up in one of the most deadly places in the world: Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Being from Rockstar Games, it carries a huge marketing push and highly polished, cinematic gameplay, and similarly high expectations. Max Payne 3 will be available on Friday 18th May on PS3 and 360 for AUD$99.95 or NZD$109.95.

Diablo 3 bares many a similarity to Max, being also from one of the worl'd most highly regarded developers: Blizzard. The impressively-sized trade marketing push for Diablo has made use of its iconic and long-anticipated status to build a palpable buzz around what will likely be the year's premier PC release.

This third installment re-visits the classic 90s Diablo style of gameplay from a 3/4 perspective as players embark on highly-detailed, randomly generated hellish worlds questing and pilfering loot along the way. Diablo 3 will be available on Tuesday 15th May on PC for AUD$89.95 or NZD$119.95.

Also out this week is Cartoon Network: Time Punch Explosion XL on Thursday 17th May.


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