Games For Change coming to Melbourne

Leigh Harris
Games For Change coming to Melbourne

Festival season is far from over in Victoria, with Games For Change registrations now open and the speaker lineup announced.

Taking place across 15th-16th November this year, Games For Change is about trying to unite various progressive sectors of society through videogames, advocating for the use of videogames to aid new ways of thinking, educating and much more.

It began in New York in 2004, but this will be the first time the festival has ever come to Australia, and it's found a good home in Melbourne.

You can check out the full list of speakers (some of whom are familiar faces from Freeplay and GCAP, others are from outside gaming) at this link, learn more about the festival here, or register to attend here.

It's certainly an endeavour worthy of support, and is likely to be a great forum for driving inspiration in local developers.


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