Gameplanet interviews Phil Harrison on Xbox One

Leigh Harris
Gameplanet interviews Phil Harrison on Xbox One

The folks over at Gameplanet have run an interview with Corporate VP of Microsoft's Interactive Business EMEA Phil Harrison.

In it, contributor Chris Leggett was able to ask some pertinent questions about the New Zealand rollout of the device.

When he asked about the demands on internet speeds of the cloud functionality of Xbox One, Harrison replied: "A connection to the cloud doesn’t necessarily have to be a very wide bandwidth. You could send data to the cloud, it can be processed and it can be sent back. That isn’t something that necessarily requires the fastest, fibre-optic broadband."

Leggett went on to question Harrison on the speed and volume of the service rollouts to a smaller country like New Zealand.

“I understand that concern,” Harrison answered. “We know that television is a very local medium. It is essential that we solve, for every country, as quickly as we can, a very compelling, localised, regionalised, culturally relevant entertainment option wherever you live, however you consume your TV.

"And that’s what we’re doing. It won’t be everywhere on the globe, day one; I’ll be very clear about that. But we’re committed to solving it."

Read the full interview with much more from Harrison at Gameplanet here.



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