Game Tech Day Two Wrap-Up

Leigh Harris
Game Tech Day Two Wrap-Up

The Game Tech conference has drawn to a close. MCV takes a look back at a developer day with a heavy gamification focus.

Arthur Chow, Co-founder and COO of 6waves mobile publisher based in Hong Kong, gave a thorough and in-depth overview of what challenges face developers looking to get into the Asian market. Chow described in detail the different tastes and demands of each country, outlining the services 6waves provides including localising game mechanics and art style to make mobile games more appealing.

The bulk of the morning sessions were along similar lines, with Evan Spytma, regional director for China for PopCap Games speaking, and ending with Brian Chau from Adobe talking about the future of Flash.

The afternoon saw significant number of speakers plus a panel discussing the benefits of gamification, with diverse industries being represented including the Sydney Fesstival, the energy industry and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, while Morgan Jaffit from Defiant Development spoke about the pitfalls of the freemium model.

The message across both days was that as games branch out into new monetisation models, markets and platforms, each needs to be carefully considered and approached with purpose. Likewise, gamification ought not be taken lightly, with approaches being custom-built with a strong focus on the reason for gamifying your workplace or event.

The conference drew to a close with Joe Ziegler from Amazon evangelising the cloud and reminding everyone of the fact that significant investment in technical equipment is no longer necessary.


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