Game Tech conference day one wrap-up

Leigh Harris
Game Tech conference day one wrap-up

After one full day so far of the Game Tech conference, the message is clear that adaptive digital strategies are vital across the board.

Ian Livingstone was the keynote speaker for the day. The Life President of Eidos and founder of such industry cult properties as White Dwarf, Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy gave a succinct history of his time in the industry, then made a few predictions about the direction gaming is heading.

The key message was about dissolution of older models. Livingstone asserted an earnest wish for thing to be as simple as they were five years ago, but had a very optimistic outlook for the future for any company with a strong understanding of the digital sphere.

Marino, closing out the day, gave a rapid-fire play-by-play of how she at Rockyou play the market of users, illuminating their 38 million user base as being comparable to any other marketplace, testing changes of various sizes to predict trends, optimise their social games for user retention and virality, and giving the audience a thorough understanding of the many ways they can monetize their audiences.

The message of day one seemed to be that the vast unknown digital landscape is unpredictable from one year to the next, and that it's reflexivity and an ability to embrace rapid change which will see modern gaming companies survive.


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