Game Masters forums draw to a close

Leigh Harris
Game Masters forums draw to a close

At the end of the second day, we've heard yet more from Schafer and Spector, as well as discussions about the direction for games.

The day kicked off with a talk between Paul Callaghan and Tim Schafer on the nature of storytelling in videogames, and led into a panel with Phil Larsen from Halfbrick (pictured playing Jetpack Joyride at the exhibition), David Surman and Ian Gouldstone from Pachinko Pictures and Scott Reismanis from Indie Royale / Desura about the delicate relationship between creativity and commerce, spanning everything from monetising the modding community to the ethics of freemium models, a potential resurgence in up-front payment methods and Schafer touching on Kick Starter.

From there, a panel was held with representatives from Australia's most successful Aussie studios on telling the Australian story through games. There was a mention of the all-too-common phenomena of people hiding their Aussieness, as well as consideration for what an 'Australian' story was and how it could be told.

Further consideration was then given to the role cultural institutions (such as ACMI) should play in the preservation of games, and an industry wrap up with Paul Callaghan, Antony Reed, David Surman and Tony Lay chaired by Morgan Jaffit drew the day to a close.

The consensus was that the level of discussion surrounding progress across the entire games sector has vastly improved, and that a more nuanced understanding of the re-shaped landscape developers now inhabit has been achieved, although further discussion and detail in many areas will continue to be a priority as the non industry-publisher sector continues to diversify.

This evening will see one final talk from Tim Schafer to bring the opening celebrations to a close, and the Game Masters exhibition will continue to host events, talks and more throughout its duration of being on display at ACMI until it closes in October this year.


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