Game Informer June issue tackles the Aussie dev landscape

Leigh Harris
Game Informer June issue tackles the Aussie dev landscape

The latest issue of Game Informer hits newsstands and EB stores today, and has a huge report on the rebirth of Aussie game development.

Bennett Ring reports that the considerable closures of local major development studios has led the local scene to embrace a more agile, reflexive business model across the board, and lauds the advent of new creativity this change will bring.

Ring spoke to former EA Visceral employees and Sydney developers Nnooo! who indicated that the non-AAA status of local developers from an international perspective and the work-for-hire model previously employed was the reason for much of the closures.

That being said, Ring asserts a positive outlook for the future of the scene, citing local success stories such as Defiant Development and The Voxel Agents as examples of neo-indies done right, while cautioning against rapid expansion during an indie boom in the region.

Also worth checking out are interviews with EB Games' Trent Weekes and Ryan Lock, organisers of the upcoming EB EXPO, on what we can expect from the new festival style treatment this year's event is receiving, plus an interview with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on Symphony of Legends.


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